Monday, August 3, 2015

August is Here

Can you believe? It’s August already?? How time flies during the summer, right?

School will be starting soon…


As you know, it gets really hot here in Louisiana during August. So, I don’t do much gardening…except to water in early morning or late evening.




I’m sharing some of the “left-over” photos from my bHOME Summer Home Tour here today.






And, just in case you’d like to do a little shopping…we are having a SALE in the ONLINE SHOP!! There is ONE peg rack left :) And lots of vintage items.





So…I am wishing you a wonderful week! I hope you enjoy these last “dog days of summer”!!

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Random Thoughts


Do you ever have one of those moments when life looks so beautiful all around you? Breakfast looked this way Saturday morning…so I told my kids I wanted to take a photo.


There were fresh peaches looking so peachy in the dough bowl, and cantaloupe too. The chocolate chip pancakes were still warm, and the milk was cold :) One of the best ways to start the weekend!


And the sunlight was streaming in. It’s hot outside! So, we’re thankful for air conditioning :)


These hydrangeas were supposed to turn white, however, they never did…they also just stopped growing prematurely, becoming mini-hydrangeas. So, I brought them inside to enjoy :)


Now, on the other hand, these strawberry hydrangeas never turned color…so, I brought them inside to enjoy. They grew extra big! I love hydrangeas. I was fortunate to have an abundance of blooms this year :)

P.S. I’m sorry my floor is messy ;)


Praise God, our hens are still laying eggs! We get about 5 a day. Eggs are so pretty to photograph. Why is that? And yes, that is my big toe in the bottom left corner of the photo below…I stood on the chair to get this shot :)


One more wonderful thing…I’ve cooked dinner at home the last two nights :) Do you enjoy cooking? Oh I do! And I made some pink lemonade to go with dinner.

Here is a photo of said lemonade:


As you can see, I’m just full of random thoughts!!

Oh, and I must tell you about the ALL NEW PERISCOPE…have you heard?

It’s a really cool app for videos. And I stepped out of my comfort zone today, and made a video of a quick tour of our home. Come join me at PERISCOPE and follow along @bucketsofburlap :)


That’s all the random thoughts I have for today!

Thanks so much for visiting me here!

I’m joining SUNDAYS AT HOME with Alice & Susan !!

Have the best week ever :)


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Herb Pruning

Where did all the rain go? We had the best spring ever! It rained so much, I really never had to water our flower & herb gardens. However, now it’s dry and hot out there!


The hour before it gets dark is not quite as hot…so, I ventured out to prune the herbs. (and any plants that were out-of-control)



When I have all the extra clippings…I usually bring them inside to make little bouquets. This time, I made one big centerpiece.


This one includes, silver mound, pineapple sage, chives, sage, and dusty miller. You may be able to tell, but I do adore the silvery tone plants :)

I arranged the clippings in a large jar a placed it into this vintage bucket. (the bucket is for sale HERE in our ONLINE SHOP)


Of course, my sweet Jovi B had to be a photo bomber :)


And that’s how I use my clippings from pruning the garden :) How about you?

Do you make bouquets out of left-over clippings too?


Have a lovely day my friends! Thanks for visiting my blog :)


Sunday, July 12, 2015

Vintage Vases


Do you have a favorite vase…perfect for filling with fresh cut blooms?

I don’t really have one favorite. I really love using all sorts of vintage items as vases for flowers around the house.

Ironstone pitchers or bowls make pretty vases.


Even vintage baskets are a beautiful way to display fresh cut blooms right from the garden. You can place a small bowl of water inside, to keep the flowers moist.


Ironstone is definitely a favorite. Ironstone bowls, pitchers, and tureens make pretty centerpieces.


For one single bloom, like foxgloves, a small vintage bottle makes a gorgeous display when grouped together.


Vintage enamel pitchers are rather eye-catching too :) My enamel pitcher is usually full of fresh flowers this time of year.


Very soft and subtle, a glass French jam jar also makes a pretty vase.


Do you have a favorite vintage vase for flowers from your garden?

I want to say a quick THANK YOU for supporting me in the opening of MY ONLINE SHOP! I’m overwhelmed by the sweet shoppers I’ve already had. You can see THE SHOP HERE, and take advantage of FREE shipping for a few more days :)

Have a lovely week friends!!


Friday, June 26, 2015

Online Shop Opens Today

Well today is the day! Buckets of Burlap online shop

opens at noon central time :)

This shop is an extension of my heart and home…with vintage country farmhouse items that you can enjoy in your own home  :)


We offer true vintage items that are unique and interesting… and will add that touch of elegant or rustic farmhouse style.


We have home decor and garden items. Some of our featured products include seltzer bottles, pillows, and buckets.


And during our GRAND OPENING you can enjoy Free Shipping  to the continental United States :)


We also offer farmhouse reproductions to add the essence of simple country living to your home.


We’ll be adding new products each week…so check back often.

I want to say THANKS to each of you for following along my blog all these years…for your encouragement and support of my style and passion for family and home. I hope you’ll find something to treasure IN OUR ONLINE SHOP HERE :)




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